ER Diversion


Based on the Voices of Detroit Initiative (VODI) organized delivery system, we offer strategies for assessing your patient visit types.  Our database management can identify emergency room visits and help transition your patients to primary care. VODI works with institutions to design interventions that will create a “medical home” for their patients and provide the support those patients need.  VODI can substantiate the increase of primary care when a patient is enrolled in a “medical home” and a decrease in emergency room utilization with improved health outcomes.

Return On Investment (ROI) Examples
  • VODI Converted 3,200+ ER Visits To Primary Care.
  • ER Conversions Saved $1.6 Million.
  • 2,000 Patients ID’d As Medicaid Covered.
  • Added Medicaid Coverage Billlings = $500,000+ .
  • Between 2003-2004 ID’d 1,478 Chronic Care Cases.
  • Chronic Care Cases Moved to Appropriate Settings.

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