Practice Management


As clinics look to increase productivity and provide top-notch service, our Practice Management System has been designed around years of experience in working with the health care systems in Detroit.

Starting with appointment scheduling, this system is able to track the patient’s progress until they are discharged. All information for the patient experience is gathered and made available to providers on their PC. Events are tracked, timed and queues are logged per patient, per worker, per event, per hour, per day.

With excellent data reporting for analysis and review, other features of this system include:

  • Patient Intake Process
  • At-A-Glance Patient History and Notes
  • Examination
  • Progress Notes
  • Diagnosis/Treatment and Therapy
  • Medication Reviews
  • Assessment
  • Labs and Other Diagnostics
  • Plans and Orders
  • Referral and Therapeutic Interventions
  • Follow-up Care

For information on any of our products or services please contact:

Lucille Smith (slucille< at > or 313-832-4246
Randy Stuck (randy.stuck< at > or 248-497-1007