The combination of the web based Minimal Clinical Record (MCR) and thin client / web server based based Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management System (EMR / PM) has provided further coordination and integration of the Voices of Detroit Initiative Primary Care/Safety Net Network.  We have integrated the EMR/MCR and the Practice Management modules so they are available as one complete, encompassing package.  At this time, the web based MCR is only be applicable to the Detroit area.

For information on the Electronic Medical Record / Practice Management System, or any of our products or services, please contact:
Lucille Smith (slucille< at >med.wayne.edu) 313-832-4246
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Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s) replace the traditional paper charts in a doctor’s office or hospital with an electronic record that would include:

  • The type of therapy or treatment provided
  • The medications that were subscribed
  • The labs that were ordered and the results
  • The progress that has been made to manage the condition(s)
  • Meaningful Use Reports to qualify a practice for Affordable Health Care Act funding.

Electonic Medical Record (EMR) data that is shared is of great assistance to physicians in order to:

  • provide a complete medical history of the patient
  • reduce redundancy of medications
  • reduce the number of duplicate tests and procedures that have been order for that patient
  • support the management of chronic diseases
  • efficiently share relevant medical data across organizations

Patients can be more connected to their “medical home” and are ensured more timely and complete data for other organizations that would provide them with care should their primary care physician be unavailable.

EMR Features
- At-A-Glance
- New Patient
- Contacts
- Patient Details
- Employers
- Exams
- Insurance
- Referrals
- Prescriptions
- Patient Review
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features of this EMR in a PDF format
EMR Featured Reports
- Daily Patient Histories
- Daily Information on Dates of Service
- Daily Information on Location Seen
- Daily Information on Medical Home
- Daily Information on Medications
- Daily information on Diagnoses and Procedures
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featured reports in a PDF format

The Minimum Clinical Record (MCR) was specifically designed with the cooperation of all the major health systems of Detroit, and both affiliated and independent medical practices in the Detroit area. It provides what was determined to be the most critical pieces of information that a physician needed to work with a patient that may not be part of the physicians medical system or internal medical network. It was the precursor to the Health Information Exchanges of today. It provided a composite view of the information provided by participating hospitals and clinics that is presented to healthcare providers over the Internet. The MCR displays patient specific data that has been gathered from a variety of sources and presented in a view that appears as a single record on the end user’s display screen. Access to the MCR is limited to healthcare professionals and safeguarded through pass codes to ensure full compliance with HIPAA privacy rules and regulations.