Community Coalitions



Community Healthcare Coalitions are those organizations within a community that are dedicated to building an Integrated and Sustainable Delivery System.

While Communities Joined in Action are able to work at a national level to align national policy with healthcare collaboratives, the CJA Affiliate’s goals are to align state policy and link critical activities with government programs.  The Health Coalitions work at a community level to build and sustain local capacity, plan among providers to coordinate systems of care and create the readiness for reforms.

Community Healthcare Coalitions are needed to:

  • Hire, train and manage community health workers.
  • Facilitate community development.
  • Be a catalyst for change.
  • Measure and communicate outcomes.
  • Broker deals based on value propositions.
  • Access health status, disparities and effectiveness of services.
  • Develop common client referral enrollment and track systems.