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Over the past forty years, since the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid, health care has been a hotly debated public policy issue. In the eyes of many, the U.S. health care system suffers from three major challenges: It does not cover and provide access to enough people, it functions inefficiently, and it could provide a better quality of care.This is Voices of Detroit Initiative’s (VODI) first book summarizing five years worth of work on helping and understanding the issues behind caring for the under and uninsured. This book covers the experience, trials, successful results and policy implications of the three major health systems in the City of Detroit as they tackled this issue head on. An easy read, but full of facts, statistics and more importantly, a model of how a community, city, county, state or nation can pool and share resources to effectively care for the uninsured. It shows with hard evidence how to bring a sustainable health care model to the uninsured.Authors include:

  • James Chesney, PhD. – Policy Initiatives Consulting Group
  • Jennifer Mach, MD, MPH – Voices of Detroit Initiative
  • Lucille Smith, M.Ed – Voices of Detroit Initiative
  • Herbert Smitherman, Jr. MD, MPH, FACP – Wayne State University School of Medicine/DMC
  • Cynthia Taueg, BSN, MPH, DHA – St. John Health


In Taking Care of the Uninsured: A Path to Reform, the authors demonstrate that health care can be improved.

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Comments on Taking Care of the Uninsured


This book is an excellent description of the way in which local communities can come together to meet the health needs of their most vulnerable citizens.  It should stimulate lively discussion as an important model for this nation…”

Irvin D. Reid
President, Wayne State University


“This book describes the barriers encountered…, the lessons learned that can be applied in every community, and the policy changes needed for real reform…and serves as a guide for others seeking a ‘path to reform.’ ”

Gail. L. Warden
President Emeritus
Henry Ford Health System