Voices of Detroit Initiative (VODI) is a community-based health care coalition dedicated to providing Detroit’s uninsured and under-insured with access to affordable, quality, effective health care and health related services through an organized, sustainable delivery system.

VODI Achievements

  • Healthcare Database Contains Over 1 Million Service Records
  • Michigan’s Largest Repository of Service Data On Uninsured
  • Dozens of Innovative Programs and Projects for Access to Care
  • Leveraged over $12 Million in Additional Funding Since Inception
  • Produced federal, state and local health projects
  • Trusted Community Reputation
  • VODI Converted 3,200+ ER Visits To Primary Care
  • ER Conversions Saved $1.6 Million
  • Thousands of Chronic Care Cases Moved To Appropriate Setting
  • Almost 20 years of Service; Amidst an Original 5 year design